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PAs in Palliative & Hospice Jobs--Tips and Tricks--Your PA Can Do Palliative!

  • June 20, 2022 7:43 PM
    Message # 12823313
    Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Hello members!  

    We field many questions about how to get started in palliative care as a PA.  We know many of you find numerous barriers.  Please visit our career page for some pointers, and please use this space to share your barriers, successes, and how you got there!  We would love for this to be a space for sharing cover letter examples, wording for job postings, messages to employers and institutions.  I myself am happy to help advocate for anyone and share just how #PAsDoingPalliative really is a thing!

    To kick things off, I'm sharing our institution's draft APP Palliative Provider job description.  Note, it's for both PAs and NPs.  Note, it follows the trend that institutions are taking that providers can be hired without special palliative/hospice certification, and with the expectation that they obtain such certification in their discipline. This is not an expectation, but rather an opportunity.

    Please reach out with questions, comments!  

    Let's learn from each other!



    Example DRAFT APP Palliative Provider Job Description