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Episode 6: Confused about the role of PAs in hospice? Many are, so don't feel bad. AAPA Director of Regulatory Policy - Trevor Simon, joins PAHPM's Jeff Myers to discuss where things are for the role of PAs in hospice.

Episode 5: PAHPM Host Jeff Myers sits down with Anna Anthony, 2021 recipient of the Eva Dimitrov, MD & PAHPM Student Scholarship, to hear about her path to becoming a PA, and how this scholarship has helped give her the resources to improve her palliative skills. Listen to the conversation, and then visit to learn more about the scholarship.

Episode 4: In this episode, PA-Students Kailey Jane Barfield and co-hosts Heather Jordan and Lauren Konjoyan sit down with PAHPM member and past president Jeff Myers.  They talk about his career as a PA and transition from primary care to palliative medicine.

Episode 3: Host Kathy Kemle sits down with Anna Deligio, the first ever recipent of the PAHPM Eva Dimitrov MD Student Scholarship!

Episode 2: Host Nadya Dimitrov and guest Bradley Bailey, a family medicine physician assistant, talk about hospice and palliative medicine through the lens of his previous work as a board-certified music therapist. Their conversation covers a range of topics from self-care and use of music for workplace relief to memorable moments in hospice work. If you’re interested in learning about volunteering, check out local hospices near you.

  •  Episode 1: Student Scholarship Introduction, with PA student Delilah Dominguez, hosted by Nadya Dimitrov