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The Eva Dimitrov, MD & PAHPM Student Scholarship Fund

This scholarship was created to honor the memory of Eva Dimitrov and her journey through serious-illness and her discovery of how meaningful of a role those who cared for her, her family and caregivers can play.  Eva was a sister, a physician, mother, wife, daughter and colleague who realized the full impact of her terminal condition from the time of diagnosis, and found the infinite value of a spiritual connection in her life journey.  The caregiving role—played not only by her family and physical caregivers, but also her medical providers and team—starts really from the time of diagnosis.  Her husband and sister recognized the value behind these individuals, and the need to develop communication and compassion skills that are vital to the understanding of the word “palliation” which is “to come beside and comfort.”

This scholarship aims to help train future ‘caregiver’ PAs with those very intentions.  The hope is that for those PA students who are ready to go that extra step in steeping themselves in serious-illness care, can have the right resources and tools to learn what it means to palliate from the very beginning of dis­-ease.  Our hope is to provide just a glimmer of hope to be honest, caring, and a guide for those patients, families and caregivers suffering from serious-ill and/or terminal illness.

Help us launch our PA Student Scholarship Fund as a legacy donor. Your contribution will be part of a corpus fund of $30,000 and the result is a perpetual annual $1500 gift to a qualified student who seeks clinical experience in Serious Illness Palliative Medicine.

As a foundational donor to this fund, you can help provide a perpetual annual gift to a student. Once our goal of $30,000 is reached, students will be provided a $1500 scholarship for a clinical elective in Serious Illness Palliative Medicine. 

You can support PAHPM in its critical work to promote training, research and advocacy in this important healthcare arena. The need is great, and the opportunity for the PA profession to be part of the workforce is even greater.

Watch this space for a link to the PA Foundation to donate.  Donations for this scholarship and through the PA Foundation will be tax-deductible.  Also watch for our application to be posted for student to begin to receive this exciting scholarship opportunity.  

Students! Click here for the Student Scholarship Information & Application Process

Goal: $5,000.00
Collected: $2,815.00