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PA's Can Now Serve as Hospice Attendings--

But the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Did Not go Far Enough!

PAHPM needs your support to help encourage your members of Congress to request that the CMS Administrator allow PAs to prescribe to our Hospice patients as Hospice Attendings.  As noted on our Hospice Resources page, last years bill to allow PAs to be Hospice Attendings fell short and CMS has the ability to change some things, such as prescription privileges, at their discretion.  

If this is important to you, we encourage you to contact your member of Congress (Senators and Representative).  

Never done this before? No worries, it's easy to do.  Simply:

1.    To Find your Representative and Senators, go to the find your members links at and

2.    After finding your Congress Member, Click on their websites and find the Contact links and Email them!

3.    Use this template that we've started to help your write your letter!

PAHPM Needs your support in advancing our profession. 

This survey will collect vital data for support and advocacy of educational initiatives and policy issues – such as the proposed bipartisan federal legislation in both houses of Congress. Now that Hospice legislation has passed, the need to address education and further policy to address workforce issues is more paramount. We are on our way to success! 

In particular, the Public Health bill PCHETA (Palliative Care and Hospice Education and Training Act) in which PAs are explicitly named, is supported by both Houses of Congress. In addition to contacting your Senators and Representatives, add fuel to our initiative by filling out the survey.  Here is the link:

Over 600 responses so far: ADD YOUR VOICE TO OTHER PAS!

Please forward this needs-assessment survey to your peers, students, educators, and colleagues.

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The purpose of the guidelines is to improve access to quality palliative care by fostering consistent standards and continuity of care across settings. PAHPM is an endorsing organization of the guidelines so please join us in this national effort so that all people living with serious illness and their families will receive the best care possible.  

Learn more at and follow us @CoalitionHPC (#NCPGuidelines)

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