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We know accessing a career in palliative and hospice has been a challenge for many.  Only seeing jobs posted for NPs? Does the institution say, "PAs can't do palliative, so we can't hire you at this time?"  These are not true road blocks.  Here are some practical tips from those of us who have been around the block! Visit our PAHPM Member Forum for more tips from members, and share your experiences!

  • Job listed as NP?  Don't let that stop you.  Many of us working in palliative applied under a job which was advertised for PA, you just need to sell yourself and help them realize that a PA can do the job as well!
  • Don't let employers confuse palliative and hospice--we know how often that happens.  And when it comes to jobs, it is even more imperative to educate them on the difference.  Yes, Hospice does have restrictions--CMS (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services) does not currently allow PAs to provide patient care and be employed directly by a hospice.  Fine. We're working on that.  PAs have been practicing palliative care for decades because we can bill for services in both inpatient and outpatient settings just as our physician and nurse practitioner colleagues do.
  • PAs can be a hospice attending for any patient, as long as that PA is not also employed by the hospice providing hospice services for that patient.  Period. (See our Hospice Resources page!)
  • Have you been told that PAs cannot do palliative because they are not certified to do palliative & hospice care?  This should not be a barrier--it doesn't stop our peers in other fields from getting jobs.  It is true that PAs are the only member on the interdisciplinary team without a special certification or crendential in palliative care; however, that is changing!  Starting next year NCCPA will begin awarding a CAQ in Palliative Medicine & Hospice Care.  Consider asking to be hired with a contingency that you will obtain within a certain timeframe.  This is actually becoming more of the standard for both PAs and NPs, allowing providers with experience and palliative skills to start working and then gain recognition for their specialty.
  • Wanting more CME and Learning Opportunities to bolster your palliative CV?  Check out our Education Page where we list a number of CME and learning opportunities, externships, and even postgraduate work in palliative.
  • Involved in hiring a palliative provider?  Here's just one Palliative APP Template that is designed for NPs and PAs.

Visit the link below to our PAHPM Member Forum topic on PA jobs in Palliative & Hospice.  Ask your questions, get answers, and learn from each other!