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CME Opportunities  

PAHPM is proud to announce an exciting course designed and taught by PAs:


The CSU Shiley Institute for Palliative Care is launching an online, 12-week instructor-led course that prepares physician assistants in any practice setting to deliver high-quality care that effectively supports patients with advanced illness and their families. 

Click on the link above for more information or here for a flyer to share with your colleagues!  If the upcoming course doesn’t work for your needs now, watch for future dates to be announced!

Along with AAPA's Learning Central, PAHPM is Proud to present a CME Learning Opportunity: 

Serious Illness Management Toolkit Bundle 

Do the whole bundle Or the Individual Courses:

Being Gumby: Avoiding Provider Burnout by Building Resilience

Aims to define both burnout and resilience, and to identify both individual skills and workplace factors that contribute to avoiding the former and embracing the later.

End-of-Life Care for the Hospitalized Patient: How to Show Up and What to Bring

Provides an approach to care for those hospitalized patients facing life-threatening and serious illness, with a focus on those patients nearing or at the end-of-life.Let's Be Honest: Talking About Prognosis

Let's Be Honest: Talking About Prognosis

Designed to provide PAs with tools and resources to help give patients honest and realistic expectations regarding their prognosis; patients and families will be better informed and may have access to more support in their home settings (by meeting hospice eligibility criteria).

Not Just for the Faint of Heart: Advance Care Planning for Healthy Patients
Addresses advance care planning for healthy patients.

Power Tools for Palliative Care Medicine and Hospice for All PAs
Aims to educate PAs more about the role of hospice and palliative care in caring for patients with life-threatening and serious illness.

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