November 2020

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PAHPM Student Scholarship 2020 Recipient

The PAHPM is proud to have the opportunity to offer the first annual Eva Dimitrov Student Scholarship to a currently enrolled PA student who strives to dedicate themselves to the care of seriously ill and terminal patients while offering palliation in addition to clinical medicine.  This year we had a good selection of very deserving students. Our selection committee did not have an easy job and we would like to thank them for taking on this task.  

This years' recipient is Anna Deligio from Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) in Portland, Oregon.  Anna is an impressive student who intends to utilize her background in social work to open and direct a community center for people who are experiencing cancer.  Anna wants the center to provide private rooms for people without homes who are receiving treatment for their cancer and those who are ready to participate in hospice.  She states this center will be a good place where people who lack housing will finally have a comfortable bed, clean bathroom, good food, and caring people surrounding them as they treat their cancer and then potentially transition out of a body that has worked too hard for too long. 

PAHPH is proud to contribute to Anna's education and dream to serve the community in Oregon.  We look forward to Anna's success and collaborating with her in the future!

Please visit our website for more information about our scholarship fund and application process if you are a current student or know a student who is considering a career as a PA in hospice or palliative care. We look forward to a new host of applicants in 2021--stay tuned!

Giving Tuesday--December 1st, 2020

You can be part of our compassionate care mission!

We recognize that you may have a personal story to share regarding a friend or loved one who suffered during an advanced illness and how it affected their entire family. Specialized training is available to provide compassionate medical care to assist patients and their loved ones who face the worst: it is known as Palliative Care Medicine. This specialized care helps patients and their loved ones understand their choices for medical care, improve their ability to tolerate medical treatments, and gain the strength to carry on with daily life.

You can help us meet our goal to increase access to Palliative Care Medicine!

Click Below to donate to The Eva Dimitrov, MD & PAHPM Student Scholarship FundOur goal is to reach $30,000 which will allow a perpetual annual gift of $1,500 to one qualified student seeking enhanced training in this field or specialty. 

Giving Tuesday is December 1st, 2020.  If not now, consider donating then.  Donate $50, $100 or $500 or any amount you can for your totally tax-deductible gift today! Great for end of year gifts! If you know a PA student, this is a way to inspire them too! Think of this: just 60 donations of $500 will reach our total! Together we can ensure medical care is tailored to the needs of patients and their loved ones faced with serious illness.  


For more information about the Scholarship Fund, visit our PAHPM website.


PAHPM delegates attended the AAPA HOD virtually on Friday, November 16th.  It is a little different this year in that all the resolutions are on the consent agenda unless a delegate calls for an extraction.  We are all anticipating an update on the title change initiative.  We hope to update our membership once we have updated information.   This year we have collaborated with a couple authors on Hospice and Palliative care directives and continue to work on advancing PAs ability to practice in Hospice and Palliative to the top of their ability and education.  We continue to address the need for PAs in hospice to receive reimbursement by all payers and look forward to updating our members when we have new information.  

APAO update

In honor of this past PA week, the Association of Physician Assistants in Oncology (APAO) featured PAs in various oncology specialties on their social media, particularly Instagram, in recognition of our amazing providers and to promote awareness of our profession’s specialization in this field.  They have a daily feature titled “A Day in the Life” and PAPMH was invited to “takeover” the account and share what a Day in the life of a Palliative/Hospice Care PA is like.  

We continue to collaborate with APAO partners in education opportunities and as a reminder that APAO is still offering all PAHPM members a great opportunity to earn and learn some great CME and support PAHPM with their 23rd Annual Annual Oncology Symposium: A Virtual Experience.

To all PAHPM members who use the code PAHPM20 at checkout APAO will give $25 to PAHPM. So for $75, you get an amazing learning opportunity, and a chance to give back to and support PAHPM.

HAVE Extra CME $$ ?

Reminder: AAPA CME Learning Central Palliative Opportunity

PAHPM and AAPA have partnered to provide CME:

Serious Illness Management Toolkit Bundle

Try the whole bundle or individual lessons.  Grow your primary palliative care, and share with your colleagues as we all wade through this trying times.  These presentations were developed and presented by your fellow PAHPM members!  Educate yourself, or share the gift of primary palliative care skills with your colleagues!

Click here for more information!

This year has been...well...not easy.  We all know.  What is great about Hospice and Palliative Care is that we are a "team sport."  

Here at PAHPM, we are thankful for each other--all the creative, caring and dedicated minds that despite the year we have had, remain here for each other.  

For that, we thank you.  Please take time to care of yourself.  

#MaskUp #WearAMask😷 #AloneTogether 

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