August 2021

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2021 PAHPM Student Scholarship:

Deadline Now September 15th!

PAHPM is excited to again offer the The Eva Dimitrov, MD & PAHPM Student Scholarship for 2021.  This scholarship is open to students interested  in hospice and palliative medicine and serious-illness care, and provides an opportunity to pursue these interest during PA training.  We have extending the deadline to September 15th due to the summer break, ongoing PA Program changes around the country, the latest COVID surge, and all of us being pulled in many different directions.

Important Application Dates:

  • Accepting Applications June 1st thru Sept. 15th, 2021
  • Finalist Announced October 28th

 For Application information and recent scholarship podcast click on our Eva Dimitrov, MD & PAHPM Student Scholarship page.   

Please both share the scholarship information with students, as well as consider giving to the fund--a tax-deductible donation through the PA Foundation.  In just nearly two years, we have almost fully funded this scholarship to secure its future for PA students and are just shy of our $30K goal!

Palliative-Mixed Tape:

#PAsDoingPalliatve Because #yourPAcan 

Get through this Pandemic!

Message from former PAHPM President, Jeff Myers, PA-C:

As with most of you and the communities in which you live, my state of Oregon is seeing the COVID-19 surge--and for us, it's at levels we have not seen before.  I am watching the halls of my hospital fill, ICUs grow, and a return of restricted life unfold before me.  I am also seeing my colleagues fall to new lows--burned out, angry, sad, overwhelmed.  You know the emotions.  You're likely feeling them too.  I know I am.

To help my palliative team I decided to launch a wellness exercise--send me your music--songs, vibrations, even videos--which have gotten you through this last year and which you will need to get through the next.  I plan to share these in one of our weekly grand rounds.  The response I have gotten from our palliative community in recent days has brought me to tears.  "I love this idea." "I so need this right now!"  These are just some of the quotes from the emails I've received, along with songs, videos, and stories about why these are the notes of joy that move them.  Compiling this collection is filling my bucket, and I can't wait to share with my colleagues.

Knowing this, I wanted to offer the same to my PAHPM family.  We've been living #alonetogether, doing our mindfulness activities, reading poetry, and sometimes just crying for no apparent reason at that last TV commercial we just saw.  Here's something different and I hope it helps.

Let's Make a Mix Tape!

Click on the Button Below and Send me:

  • Name of Song
  • Artist/Singer
  • If there is a specific version, please let me know
  • Have a music video? Great! Let me know and I'm happy to try and make that work too--just include the link!
  • If you want, include a few words as to why this speaks to you.

I will then pull together a digital playlist and share with members along with a dedicated webpage at our September 23rd Monthly Member Meeting.  If you can't attend, don't worry, I'll be sure to forward on.  Will try to share a few at the meeting, but mostly want you all to hear and see how we all are drawing on music, words, vibrations and sounds to get through our days.  I'm sure some will be songs of reflections, maybe even sadness, others more hopeful, and still some more on the silly side. Don't be shy.  It's ok to reveal you're a K-Pop fan!

Let’s have fun, get to know each other in a unique way, and maybe learn something new and #healtogether.

Stay well, stay safe. Jeff.

Contribute to the PAHPM Palliative-Mixed Tape

CSU Serious Illness Education--For PAs, By PAs--That's a Wrap, For Now!

Earlier this year we partnered with the Shiley Haynes CSU Institute for Palliative Care to launch a seminal course entitled, PA Certificate in Palliative and Serious Illness Care.  It was developed and taught by us as content exerts in the field and offers 72.5 CME hours! It is being facilitated by several members of PAHPM, including lead facilitators Nadya Dimitrov and Lorie Weber, and the first cohort has just finished!

PAHPM is excited by our partnership with the Shiley Haynes Institute, and we are looking forward to the next course offering September 23rd--December 16th, 2021.  

For more information about how you and your organization can train in place to gain valuate skills in the management of serious illness patients and palliative medicine, Click Here!

There is still time to Register!

CAPC Covid Resources

A Reminder that the Center to Advance Palliative Care (CAPC) has some great COVID resources that they have compiled and to which they continue to add.  

Check out their resource hub with tools for communication, symptom management, telehealth, team support, and wellbeing.

CAPC Covid-19 Resources Hub

Free POLST Webinar

From the founding POLST program, the Oregon POLST and Center for Ethics in Health Care at Oregon Health & Science University is holding a free webinar discussing the need for POLST/MOLST registries around the country to become more inclusive of PAs and NPs.  PAHPM would encourage it's members to attend and become active voices in their state to advocate for documenting our patient's health care wishes.

Free 15-minute Web Presentation - Sept. 1, 2021

followed by a Question & Answer session

This free web event will be held on:

Wed., September 1 at 12:00PM (PDT)


Becoming More Inclusive of our NP and PA Colleagues

Presented by 

Susan Tolle, MD, Chair of the Oregon POLST Coalition & Director of the OHSU Center for Ethics in Health Care 

with a post-presentation Q&A facilitated by 

Betty Ferrell, PhD, MSN,Director & Professor, Division of Nursing Research and Education, Department of Population Sciences, City of Hope.

Click on the Oregon POLST Logo to Register.

PAHPM Is Here For You!

We know that this past year has been challenging, personally and professionally for many of us.  We want you to know that PAHPM is here to support you!  Whether it be staying knowledgable about our field, finding opportunities for education and leadership, or connecting with other PAs who may share your experiences.

Whatever your needs may be, make sure to login and visit our PAHPM website regularly.  We continue to add to our education files, update our News Blog with opportunities for learning, leadership, and connection.  Take time to visit the PAHPM Forum to share and connect with others.  Go a step further and visit the AAPA Huddle Mentor Match --create a profile and connect with a mentor or mentee and help grow our field.  We are in this together!

Most importantly, take time to pause,

and take care of each other!

Stay Informed.  Get Educated. Share.

Stay well.  Take care.  Find some time and space for yourself.

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