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Giving Tuesday 2020

The Eva Dimitrov, MD & PAHPM Student Scholarship Fund

You can be part of our compassionate care mission!

 We recognize that you may have a personal story to share regarding a friend or loved one who suffered during an advanced illness and how it affected their entire family. Specialized training is available to provide compassionate medical care to assist patients and their loved ones who face the worst: it is known as Palliative Care Medicine. This specialized care helps patients and their loved ones understand their choices for medical care, improve their ability to tolerate medical treatments, and gain the strength to carry on with daily life.

You can help us meet our goal to increase access to Palliative Care Medicine! 


Click above today to donate to The Eva Dimitrov, MD & PAHPM Student Scholarship Fund at the trust PA Foundation WebsiteOur goal is to reach $30,000 which will allow a perpetual annual gift of $1,500 to one qualified student seeking enhanced training in this field or specialty. 

Giving Tuesday is December 1st.  If you can't donate today, consider donating then. Donate your $50, $100 or $500 gift for your totally tax-deductible gift today! Great for end of year gifts! If you know a PA student, this is a way to inspire them too! Think of this: just 60 donations of $500 will reach our total! Together we can ensure medical care is tailored to the needs of patients and their loved ones faced with serious illness.  

For more information about the Scholarship, visit our PAHPM website.