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COVID-19 Update

Dear PAHPM colleagues

You are an amazing group in a very difficult time.  You already sacrifice greatly for the most vulnerable people in our health care system and now they are even more threatened.  With the rapidity of its spread and our inability to treat the COVID-19 virus, we will likely see an increase in referrals in the inpatient setting as chronic illness complicates the picture and we will have many more people on ventilators.  I hope this will not cause some difficult ethical decisions, but know you are up to the challenge.

I know you will work your best to mitigate the effects on your patients and their families, but please do not forget yourselves.  We all need time away and other stress alleviation mechanisms.  Consider using stress relieving apps like Calm, Healthful Journeys and others.  Express your appreciation for the efforts of others.  Treasure your family and friends.

  • At this time AAHPM has cancelled the Assembly and State of the Science conferences, which is particularly disappointing for our group as we had two presenters and a complimentary booth with plans to publicize our contribution to hospice and palliative medicine.  
  • AAPA has no plans to cancel our national meeting at this time.  
  • We are going to have a call for nominations for the Board coming out in the near future.  Please think about who might be a good candidate and speak with them or nominate yourself.  Job descriptions for each position will be available. 
  • Please sign-in and utilize our PAHPM Forum to share experiences, best practices, and questions.  We are all in this together and have much to learn from each other.

I speak on behalf of all of our Board and wish to express our respect and appreciation for your dedication to our patients.  Stay safe, use your PPE, and get adequate sleep and nutrition.

All the best

Kathy Kemle, PAC, MS, DFAAPA 



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Updated: 3/26/2020