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Let's Make a Mixed Tape!

August 23, 2021 6:22 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

As with most of you and the communities in which you live, my state of Oregon is seeing the COVID-19 surge--and for us, it's at levels we have not seen before.  I am watching the halls of my hospital fill, ICUs grow, and a return of restricted life unfold before me.  I am also seeing my colleagues fall to new lows--burned out, angry, sad, overwhelmed.  You know the emotions.  You're likely feeling them too.  I know I am.

To help my palliative team I decided to launch a wellness exercise--send me your music--songs, vibrations, even videos--which have gotten you through this last year and which you will need to get through the next.  I plan to share these in one of our weekly grand rounds.  The response I have gotten from our palliative community in recent days has brought me to tears.  "I love this idea." "I so need this right now!"  These are just some of the quotes from the emails I've received, along with songs, videos, and stories about why these are the notes of joy that move them.  Compiling this collection is filling my bucket, and I can't wait to share with my colleagues.

Knowing this, I wanted to offer the same to my PAHPM family.  We've been living #alonetogether, doing our mindfulness activities, reading poetry, and sometimes just crying for no apparent reason at that last TV commercial we just saw.  Here's something different and I hope it helps.

Let's Make a Mix Tape!

Click on the Button Below and Send me:

  • Name of Song
  • Artist/Singer
  • If there is a specific version, please let me know
  • Have a music video? Great! Let me know and I'm happy to try and make that work too--just include the link!
  • If you want, include a few words as to why this speaks to you.

I will then pull together a digital playlist and share with members along with a dedicated webpage at our September 23rd Monthly Member Meeting.  If you can't attend, don't worry, I'll be sure to forward on.  Will try to share a few at the meeting, but mostly want you all to hear and see how we all are drawing on music, words, vibrations and sounds to get through our days.  I'm sure some will be songs of reflections, maybe even sadness, others more hopeful, and still some more on the silly side. Don't be shy.  It's ok to reveal you're a K-Pop fan!

Click Here to Contribute to the PAHPM Palliative-Mixed Tape

Let’s have fun, get to know each other in a unique way, and maybe learn something new and #healtogether.

Stay well, stay safe. Jeff.